December 1

December 1
Every year. We scratch our heads and wonder how it got to be the end of the year when we were sure it was just February. But, alas, here we are.

Our family celebrates Christmas. I love how this time of year feels at home. I love the extra twinkling lights both inside and outside, I enjoy baking those one-time-a-year treats, and I know I am going to be smitten with the opportunity to see these things anew through the eyes of my grand babies who, this year, are big enough to really get into it (and get into everything else, I'm sure!)

But I know the joy I seek and feel isn't as easily experienced by everyone. It's always a tough time of year for some and, I fear, this year will be even more so for probably a few more. That weighs heavy on my heart as December arrives. I am committed to giving an amount equal to 10% of my daily sales to the local Christmas help campaign - I love seeing so many organizations work together to help. My shop is little, so it might not amount to much, but when added to what others can give, it will make a difference. My husband and I have been filling up the pantry with extra here and there, to share with those in need, and we have a few gift cards to places like McDonald's or Tim Hortons for when we run into someone who could use a bit of hot coffee or food in their belly. We both feel so much that this year - even more than years past - our neighbours need some extra love.

What about you? Do you need a kind word? Someone to share a joke with? A card in the mail? Someone to share your Pinterest or Instagram fail with? All year long you have supported and encouraged me, I'd like to be able to do something for you. If you need someone to say "hello" or check in with, someone to vent to, or you just wish you'd get a piece of mail with your name written on it...let me know. I can't always respond quickly, but I will answer. My jokes are usually terrible and I'm not good at succinct (just look how long this blog post is) but I'm here!

So now that I've set a tone and a purpose for this month, let me share with you my Wishful Thinking Project To-Do List:
  • A new handmade stocking for me (to match what I've made for everyone else)
  • A Christmas table runner for my less-than-stylish coffee table
  • A new (smaller) tree skirt
Writing it down, I think "that's pretty doable" but...we'll see.

Do you celebrate Christmas, or some other holiday in December? Do you have plans for handmade gifts for yourself or someone else? What are you adding to the never-end "To Do" list this month"?

Let's kick December off about a code? For Canadian customers, enter code "GIVING" at checkout and your order will ship for free. Code will be valid through 12 noon (Mountain Time) on Wednesday, December 2. Code is valid on new orders only and cannot be combined with any other discounts or codes. 


Be safe + well. With kindness,
  • Erica Cormack
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