TrendTex Partnership Program

If you just want the link and the Studio 39 Fabrics store code:

Shop code: STU010

For the rest of the story, please read on:

In Canada, most online and brick & mortar stores purchase their fabric and supplies from a network of distributors. Moda, Michael Miller, Stof, Hoffman, Benartex, and RJR Fabrics are handled by TrendTex Fabrics who are located in British Columbia's lower mainland.

As shops, we work with the TrendTex staff and our regional sales reps to choose and order fabrics we think our customers will like and carry those in our store. As shop owners we know, however, that quilters and sewists often have their heart set on specific things and many times, it takes a little shopping around to find them. Does that sound like you? Well, read on, because there's something you should know!

TrendTex fabrics has set up a new website where you - the customer - can order from thousands and thousands of bolts in their warehouse inventory. Think of it as Studio 39 Fabrics bringing in an extra 10,000 bolts for you to shop from! 

Here is how it works:

  1. Visit the TrendTex Fabrics online store here
  2. Choose the fabrics you like and add them to your cart. There is a minimum 1 metre cut for each fabric you choose but after that, you can purchase in smaller increments
  3. Check out! Shipping is a flat rate of $15 in Canada and orders over $149 ship for free. Also (and this is very important) you will need to enter a shop code for a TrendTex partner store in order to check out. It doesn't matter which shop code you use, but you must enter one. The shop code for Studio 39 Fabrics is STU010.
  4. Keep an eye on your mailbox and wait for the happy mail to arrive

TrendTex fabrics is doing this to help - not hurt - Canadian fabric store owners, so there are a few things you should know:

  • Fabric available on the TrendTex website will have been available in stores for at least three months - brand new collections won't be available until stores have had a chance to carry them for at least 90 days
  • Ruby Star Society, Cotton +.Steel, Moda basics, Fireside, and batting will not be available at the TrendTex store so please continue to shop you favourite brick & mortar and online stores for those items 
  • TrendTex will track customer purchases made using each store code and return a portion of the money from purchases made with that code to the store so by shopping with them, you are still supporting your favourite online or brick & mortar store

Happy Shopping!