Pre-Order Information

Here's what you need to know about pre-orders:

When enabled, item descriptions will show an item is available for pre-order and will indicate the date the product is anticipated to arrive at the shop. Please note dates are always tentative and do not account for time to cut, package, and ship your order.

Your order will not ship until every item in the order has arrived. Sometimes, fabric collections arrive in multiple shipments and not necessarily on the same day (and not necessarily at the same time as other shops receive theirs). If you have any questions about the arrival status of your fabric please send a note to

You may order in-stock items and pre-order items at the same time to save on shipping but your in-stock items will not ship until all pre-ordered items have arrived. Your in-stock items will be cut when your order is received and held in an individual storage bin with your name on it until your pre-order items get here.

You can change your mind and request your in-stock items to be sent at any time for a shipping fee of $4.95 (for Canadian orders) plus tax. Please email to set this up.

If you have any other questions about pre-ordering please email