R & R Reproductions Sheep's Straw Linen 36ct

Product Description

Here is some information from R & R Reproductions about their linen:

  • Never store hand-dyed fabrics in Ziploc-type plastic bags. You are only asking for trouble and color changes, as a type of chemical reaction takes place with plastic and dye stuffs used.
  • Q-snaps can be used on hand-dyed fabrics if they are removed after each use and not left on the stitched piece for months at a time (chemical reaction again).
  • Due to the ‘antiquing’ process and the dyes used, it is not recommended to wash R & R linens (especially the coffee dyes).
  • With hand-dyed fabric, some raveling is involved; usually one or two inches, depending on the fabric.
Fabric Type: 100% linen
Fabric Count: 36ct
Manufacturer: R & R Reproductions