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Show & Tell - Projects made with Gleaned

Show & Tell - Projects made with Gleaned 0

Grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and sit for a few minutes; I have a story to tell. There are ten bolts of Carolyn Friedlander's latest line, Gleaned, in the shop and I'm excited to show you what you can do with them.

Before I show the projects I thought it might be helpful to tell you how I'm currently selecting fabric for my shop. When I first opened my shop, I ordered in complete lines of the fabrics I wanted to carry. While it looked fantastic on the shelves and made for nice bundles, it was really hard on cash flow. I had a few, very pretty lines of fabric, but didn't have enough variety to offer my shoppers. Fast forward to a point in time where I'd learned a bit more (but still have much to discover!) and I approached a group of quilters I fondly refer to as my Advisory Team to help me. Upon returning from quilt market in Houston, I consulted these talented sewists about what fabrics and prints I should bring in and together, we narrowed each line down to a selection of bolts we thought worked well together and would appeal to my customers. And how I came to have ten prints from the Gleaned collection in my shop.

I was very thankful to be able to pick up a fat quarter bundle of the entire line (there are 24 prints total) at Sample Spree and set about coming up with a project to use them in. I was limited to the fat quarter-sized pieces from my bundle and I wanted to use only the ten prints I had ordered. I can't remember how I found the pattern (likely Pinterest) but I came across the Sergeant Pepper pattern from the lovely, talented ladies at Abbey Lane Quilts and I knew it was the right one - you can download your own copy here! This is what their version looks like:


Sgt Pepper Pattern courtesy of Abbey lane Quilts

(Sergeant Pepper quilt image from Abbey Lane Quilts website)


This pattern checked a lot of boxes for me; it's a decent size at 60" x 72" and it uses 10 fat quarters - that's just how many I had to work with! With the pattern and fabric decided upon I just needed to choose a background fabric. It was an easy choice to select a Kona solid to go in behind my Gleaned prints but a bit more work to narrow it down to the right one. I considered the usual suspects - Snow, White, Ash - but my trust Advisory Team pushed me into something with more colour. We landed on Kona Desert Green (on the left) but because I was impatient and didn't have that one in stock the background that got chosen was Ice Frappe (on the right) and I think it came out great!


Kona Desert Green and Ice Frappe is the finished quilt (the weather didn't cooperate so much when trying to take a decent photo for you).


Gleaned quilt - Studio 39 Fabrics


For the quilting, I emulated the organic ovals/loop shapes in the Snake print (available in AshEucalyptus, and Spa Blue) in a relatively small scale which makes it densely quilted all over. I left the pieced strips and the triangles un-quilted which allows them to pop up from the rest of the top and adds some interest and dimension. I'm very quick to point out the pattern is "organic" - my favourite word when it comes to free motion quilting!


Close up of Gleaned quilt - Studio 39 Fabrics


If you want to make your own, the pattern requires ten fat quarters and 4 yards of background. 4 yards translates into 3.7 metres of fabric. If you are careful with your cutting and use your fabric wisely you would have no trouble getting all the pieces you need from 3.5 metres of background but if you pick up 4 metres you'll probably have enough for a matching binding, if that suits your taste! 

Back at quilt market, I managed to snag a charm pack of Gleaned, too. It was perfect for putting together this big (and awesome!) pincushion from Heidi Staples' book Sew Organized for the Busy Girl. The pincushion is made using Essex Yarn-Dyed Linen in Olive and some snippets of Gleaned.


Gleaned fabric collection Studio 39 Fabrics


That's it for today. I hope you've been inspired and can imagine yourself making something with the Gleaned fabric collection sometime soon.

Happy Sewing!


Whats New? Gleaned by Carolyn Friedlander

Whats New? Gleaned by Carolyn Friedlander 0

Gleaned by Carolyn Friedlander has arrived at Studio 39 Fabrics.