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Petite Henna Garden was recently released by Michael Miller fabrics and so far, appears to be as popular as the original Henna Garden line from several years ago. Wait a minute...original? What is that about?

Back around 2010 or so the original Henna Garden prints were release as part of larger lines by the very talented Sandi Henderson. The original print was available in 11 (we think – correct us if we’re wrong) saturated colours. The beautiful curves of the design and the tone-on-tone hues made them versatile for all kinds of great projects, like this awesome nested churn dash project:




As the prints sold out and became more difficult to find, avid collectors turned to places like EBay, Etsy, and Instagram to find pieces to add to their stashes and the hashtag #hennagarden helped keep the treasure hunt alive.



These are the few remaining scraps of the original left in our stash; it doesn’t amount to much more than a couple of fat quarters. Thankfully, Petite Henna Garden was announced earlier this spring and has now arrived so that collectors and new fans alike can add this yummy fabric to their collection. There are differences between the original and this summer’s release; most of the colours are slightly different (although the orange prints are the same) and the scale of the design is smaller in the updated version with the original round elements being about 4” in diameter while the new is only 3”.



The orange print on the left is circa 2010 while that is the newly released Meadow colour in the Petite version on the right – this gives you an idea about the difference in scale.

Now that you know a little more about Henna Garden we hope you’ll want to add some to your stash and to make that easier, we have them on sale this week for $11/yard – buy them as yardage or bundles, the same great price applies to both!


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