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Our little shop has been open since late spring and if you know we are brand new to this retail thing then you can well imagine our learning curve has been...pronounced, to say the least. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to run this business and getting to know who our customers will be and what their preferences are. Thank you for bearing with us.

You will start to notice a few changes around here over the coming weeks. We're sprucing up the place a bit - after all, it is fall, and many of us take to "nesting" as the weather cools and the evenings get darker. It's perfect weather for quilts, isn't it? Planning them, making them, and snuggling up beneath them.

Autumn toned quilt

One of the most significant changes you will see is a shift from selling by the yard to selling by the metre; the prices won't be increasing and you'll be getting that little bit of extra fabric with each cut. Our minimum cut on yardage, however, will increase to .5 metre but - don't worry - we're setting up a fat quarter section so you can still purchase a small piece if that's what your project calls for. This shift is going to take awhile so please check the product description to know exactly what you're ordering.

We're working with some bloggers to get our name out there; you might be seeing us a bit more when you're out and about surfing on the web. It's an honour to work with these talented quilters and writers.

Finally, we're adding a monthly sale on the 13th - we promise, it won't be an unlucky day for shoppers visiting our store! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instragram pages for the details next week.

Thanks for getting to know us and please, if you like what you see, let others know we're here! We'll take good care of your friends, too!

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