Hello, 2018. What Stories Will You Tell?

Hello, 2018. What Stories Will You Tell?

The new year ushers in a blank canvas of twelve months - 365 days - to live, to experience, to create. Admittedly, I'm not much of a partier on New Year's Eve. Most often, I opt for someone else's cooking to be enjoyed at home with family/friends, maybe a bit of time in my sewing room, and tucking in for the night before midnight. It works.

That time between Christmas and January 1 is, for me, often an opportunity to reflect, evaluate, and imagine what I'd like to keep doing, what I don't want to do, and what I'd like to try going forward. This year was mostly typical in that way, and I spent my time thinking about my business and what it means to me, and re-focusing my intent for Studio 39 Fabrics. I think - I hope - I've come up with a solid direction and some great ideas to share and hope you'll join me on this journey.

Let's get the real party started here and kick it off with a word I think will be significant for my business in 2018 - storytelling. First and foremost, I want to help you tell those creative stories growing in your heart and mind and I pledge to do this by continuing to grow my fabric and supply offerings and maintaining accessible pricing as much as possible (except for Canada Post, darn it - we have to talk about that one). I am also committed to finding a way to let Studio 39's fans and customers tell their stories in the form of product reviews and project shares because, really, we're co-creating this amazing, creative online space together. Finally, I want to share my stories with you; I want to be transparent with my goals and the way things get done in my business - I look forward to finding a way to foster those kinds of personal connections that make shopping at your local quilt shop so special. 

Are you ready? Refreshed? Is your list of resolutions ready (including those fabric-related ones, it's okay, I understand!)? Good! Come back and visit soon - we'll have lots to share.

Happy Sewing,


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